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Our Artists

Joseph Flowers

From: Colfax, Indiana
Instrument: Upright Bass, Tenor Vocals
Inspirations: Father, Mike Flowers; Mother, Patsy Flowers. Grandfather, Marvin Flowers; Grandmother, Julia Flowers.

With the support from his parents and grandparents, Joe started playing the violin at the wee age of 2 1/2. He later began playing the piano at age six and the trombone at age 11. Between the trombone and piano, Joe began playing the "clawhammer" banjo which he still picks at today. Joe's first band was "The Wildwood Flowers" bluegrass band which he played with his father. At the age of seventeen Joe was one of the top ranked trombone players in Indiana and attended the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. In 1991 Joe toured Europe with the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp Jazz Band, playing the trombone and the tenor banjo. After attending Vincennes University, Joe played part time as the upright bass player in his father's band, which was then called "The Bent Nickel Dance Band". Other musical inspirations during Joe's life have also been "The Dillards", "The Stanley Brothers", "Earl Scruggs", "Wade Ward" and "Pete Parish".

Joe Bio Pic

Darrell Duety

From: Indianapolis, Indiana
Instrument: Mandolin, Guitar
Inspirations: Harold Gore, Mother & Father

Darrell started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and the mandolin at the age of eighteen. Darrell has always played bluegrass. He played for two years with the "Sacred Sounds" at age nineteen, then went on to play with "The Reflections" for the next seven years. Darrell has also opened for Ralph Stanley. Darrell's biggest inspirations were his loving parents who have always supported his music.

Darrell Bio Pic

Dan Wethington

From: Noblesville, Indiana
Instrument: Banjo
Inspirations: Pete Seager, Earl Scruggs

Dan's father began teaching him to play banjo at the age of eight. He's played in several bands including Smokey Mountain Grass for eight years. Since then, Dan has played venues such as the main stages at The Indian State Fair and Bean Blossom as well as the Barley Island Brewing Co. He's had the pleasure of picking with great musicians including Jimmy Martin, Ralph Stanley II, and Kenny Ingram. While Dan played Pete Seager Style in his early years, he now prefers Scruggs style.

Dan Bio Pic

Eric Hardy

From: Ellettsville, IN

Instrument: Guitar, Lead, Baritone, and Tenor Vocals

Eric began playing guitar and mandolin at an early age (~12 years old) as taught to him by his father, an accomplished country musician and singer, William Hardy Jr. Eric began on the mandolin but realized very quickly that he was more suited for the guitar. He began learning how to sing by studying the sheet music to the classic country song “A boy named Sue” as performed by Johnny Cash. Once his father heard him through the bedroom door one day while he was practicing, his father made sure he practiced singing as well as playing guitar. In his early years, Eric played in a duet with his brother Brian Hardy, himself an accomplished banjo player. Over the years Eric also performed many other different musical styles such as Musical Theatre (Performing in many High School and College Musicals), Opera (Being accepted into the IU School of Music as a voice major) as well as performing in the Indianapolis Symphonic Choir and more recently the Bloomington Chamber Choir, Barbershop Quartet singing (Singing with his own quartet as well as the Circle City Sound chorus), and with many different bands from Bluegrass to most recently, a fusion of Classic rock, jazz, and bluegrass band called Bluegrazz Junction. Eric hopes to use this diversity in musical styles to bring another interesting element to an already accomplished band (Cornfields and Crossroads) in returning to his roots and the music he loves best!

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